Digital Marketing are communication actions that companies use in an online (digital) environment in order to promote their brand, products and services. It enables you to reach your leads faster, more efficiently, more efficiently and more efficiently. In their operation, channels, media and digital tools are usually used.

For more than a decade Sorting and the other companies in the group have provided Digital Marketing services to their customers.

Creation of Sites and Virtual Stores

  • Creation of new site in CMS of last generation, property of the client, with differentiated layout, dynamic and responsive (facilitating the reading in any device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone);
  • Compatible with Social Networks;
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO);
  • With forms to attract leads (new clients);
  • Visual developed according to company profile.

Online Advertising

We not only create campaigns … We create SUCCESS campaigns. It is not enough simply to advertise your services without getting a return on your investment, right?

We manage your campaigns completely in Google Adwords or, according to negotiation, also in Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, among others. It’s up to the client to define the budget (monthly investment) that they want to allocate to online advertising, and our team will manage to operate with the best possible ROI.

In addition, we create remarketing strategies to set the brand on those who are already engaged.

Content Marketing

Sorting has high-quality professionals who daily produce quality original content in a wide variety of formats, for example: news topics, scientific articles, interviews, video content, slideshows, market news, etc.

For businesses, this is an excellent option to more intensely feed your content on the Internet (websites, social networks, video channels, e-commerce, product reviews, among others). In this way, you can greatly increase your interaction with your potential customers.

The production of original and quality content has the following objectives:

  • Increase reach with your target audience within social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google;
  • Increase engagement of this audience with your brand by consuming advertising content, “tasting” and sharing articles on social networks, and other successful metrics used by them to measure your audience’s interest in content, brand, and products company;
  • Increase traffic on company website on the Internet.

Administration of Social Networks

We carry out the service of updating the pages of the profiles through quality content, with stimulus for the capture of new potential clients / readers (new tastings / followers). This is one of the solutions most contracted by our customers and of fundamental importance on their visibility on the Internet. We work on the following Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus.

Why use Social Networks? See some of the reasons:

  • Social networks allow direct and personal interaction with your target audience and provide quick feedback on your customers’ perception of your services and brand;
  • By offering value-added content to your target audience with practical information and tips, your brand’s “staying power” with your current and potential customers increases;
  • Greater engagement with your target audience through social networking can help increase traffic on your site as well as increase the incidence of mentions on third-party sites (inbound links). As a consequence, they will have a better positioning in search services, appearing more frequently in the search results of those seeking their product categories, resulting in possible direct sales increases (in a commercial or via e-commerce) and indirect sales (via retail partners ).

People Management

Recognizing who the target audience is desired to achieve is critical if the objectives are to be achieved and consistent results appear. Knowing potential clients, what subjects would attract such clients, their level of education, age group, social class are just a few of the items in this analysis.

Press Office

We carry out editorial services, editing and distribution of news releases, with guaranteed publication in major national portals, allied to the dissemination to an updated base of journalists segmented (total register with more than 25 thousand journalists in Brazil) . We can also negotiate the distribution of releases to the International press, since we have partners in Canada, the United States and France.

Analysis and Generation of Reports

We can identify, in addition to the traditional rate of display and hit of a page, the geographic location of the visitor, the way in which they arrived at the page (through links from other sites, search engine, AdSense or directly by the address) , the operating system, the browser, the screen resolution, among others, in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods. In other social networks, one can extract a complete report of the articles preferred by the readers, in order to make decisions based on certain findings (high number of tastings, shares, comments). On Twitter, for example, by measuring retweets, forwarding or direct messages. On Facebook, by measuring tanned, shares and comments.

SEO Consulting (Search Engine Optimization)

Today it is not enough to just have an Internet site – it needs to be well positioned in the search engines, thus increasing your visitation and bringing the desired audience to your page.

Sorting’s specialized SEO consulting services consist of:

  • Audit and analysis of site performance on search engines, including factors such as loading speed, page content size, suitability of titles, etc .;
  • Audit of inbound links (external links) and monitoring of the competition;
  • Identification of relevant websites to get links and later approach to post content on them.


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