2008 – Blogolândia

Blogolândia, created in 2008, was the first company in the group. He works with a team of editors and editors who produce informative and quality content for readers of the most diverse niches of the market. It is dedicated to online advertising, and today has more than 15 million pages viewed monthly.

2010 – Comprinhas

The company Comprinhas was born in 2010, and is today the arm of electronic commerce. It has sales sites in several segments, especially in the educational field. Since then, it has added more than 100 thousand sales made through its websites. In 2016 it was chosen as the best Marketplace for Public Tenders in Brazil.

2012 – Café Tecnologia

The company Café Tecnologia (Eighty) was born from the need to work with Traditional Marketing together with Digital Marketing. In 2012, it incorporated the ID-ART agency, gaining strength to launch itself in the broad market. Today it participates in programs such as Sebraetec (Nacional, Paraná and Santa Catarina), as well as providing services to medium and large national companies.

2014 – Conteúdo sob Demanda

The Content On Demand company came to life in 2014, and specifically works with Content Marketing aimed at companies of all sizes and segments. In addition, it provides services of Press Office, with releases releases to domestic and foreign vehicles. In addition to Brazil, it has clients in Canada, the United States, France, Denmark and

2016 – Sorting

Sorting is the fifth and most recent company in the group. It was created at the end of 2016 to be the “spearhead” of all companies in capturing leads, developing new business, creating partnerships, conducting group and individual trainings and consultancies, besides being the organizational brain, focused absolutely in optimizing the results of companies.